2017 Fasting

Prayer Fasting

The Fasting Prayer Line: Join us in prayer during the fast. Every morning at 6am., we gather on the prayer to pray and give God the glory. Call the Prayer Line 712-770-4089 (180440 access code)

Fasting Schedule and Insights: Click Here

Daniel Fast Recipes:

  1. Recipe 1
  2. Recipe 2
  3. Recipe 3

fasting breaking chainsBreaking The Fast Together: We will break the fast together during our Annual Vision and Leadership Summit on January 28th 2017 at 9am at Mt. Vernon. Please join us for an insightful church meeting and receive:

  • 2016 Performance Report
  • 2017 Vision, Goals, and Scheduled activities
  • Fellowship with church family
  • Prayer for upcoming ministry throughout the year

We are expecting great things to happen in your life. This is your Year of Restoration!